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Kuli Kuli is on a mission to bring the nourishing and uplifting benefits of the moringa plant to you. Energizing but caffeine-free, it’s chock-full of protein, iron, and fiber. Kuli Kuli's powders, bars, and other products get you in the green like no one's business.
Built on Shopify
Getting a Head Start
Cornered by an archaic shopping cart solution, Kuli Kuli hired us to put together a new site that would set them up with the right vehicle to spearhead their steady expansion. We were tasked with creating a more admin-friendly site focused on direct-to-consumer without losing sight of their brand's story. Moving over to Shopify, the design direction took cues from the vibrant, energetic benefits of the moringa plant itself. Colorful product photography, paired with engaging hover-states, videos, and sliders, come together to give people an engaging introduction to what the brand has to offer.
Kuli Kuli - Homepage
It’s What’s on the Inside that Counts
The previous iteration of Kuli Kuli’s site was more information-heavy, to its detriment. The focus on B2B and long-winded content were overwhelming to direct customers. With the redesign, the goal was obvious: make selling to anyone a minimal, clear, and fun experience that educates as well as it converts. Need to dig deeper? The depth of facts and advantages of moringa are still readily available for those who crave more about this superfood.
Kuli Kuli - Interiors
Greens on the Go
Since their demographic is one of modern, health-conscience people, another important feature of Kuli Kuli’s site was its ability to work flexibly and cleanly on any device. The theme was heavily customized, and mobile was no exception.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Oakland, CA
Kuli Kuli - Mobile
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