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Discretion Brewing is a family-owned company dedicated to handcrafting exquisite organic beer. To them, "discretion" is defined as wisdom, wit and kindness. These qualities shape their interactions with each other, with customers, with the community and with their beer. We designed their previous site before they even opened their doors, so we had a lot of fun fully rethinking it when it came time for a responsive redesign.
Built on Wordpress
Exquisite Organic Beer
Brewing has become such an admired occupation in recent years and craft beer lovers will contest that it's important to have strong brand messaging to go along with your beer. We designed the site harnessing their existing brand identity to shed light on the brewery's core values, and we incorporated as much beautiful imagery of the Discretion community and beermaking as possible.
Discretion Brewing Homepage
Telling The Story
Since Discretion takes so much pride in their craft, we set out with the goal to give their new site some unique features. Because many users come to their site for event information, hours and to see what's on tap, we established a "sticky" left column sidebar that keeps this information at their visitor's fingertips. The adaptive, full-screen nature of the design showcases dedicated engaging sections for their beer, the taproom and their story. Different pages of the site are accessible via the main screen but also appear as you scroll down the page. No matter where you land, there's another juicy tidbit of information coupled with beautiful imagery.
Discretion Brewing Interiors
Custom Illustrations
Being a handcrafted beer company, we felt compelled to incorporate some hand-drawn love. We created visual illustrations that are whimsical, fun and seamlessly integrate with their brand's existing aesthetic. The illustrated map of their location is more fun and refreshing to look at as opposed to the same ol' screenshot of a Google map you'll see way too often.
Discretion Brewing Illustrations
Brianna Discretion Brewing
“The whole Sleepless Media crew is professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. We highly recommend the folks at Sleepless.”Brianna VerekerQueen of Social Media @ Discretion Brewing
Mobile Responsive. Mobile First.
We designed the site with a mobile-first approach, ensuring the essentials are easily accessible upon first glance. Visitors to the mobile site can easily access their list of current beers and details about their taproom (including menus). Their location is super easy to find as well. And of course, folks can easily link to the brewery's social media pages to share with their friends and family.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Soquel, CA
Discretion Brewing Mobile Tablet
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