Going with an ultra-budget web hosting service—the kind of host that tends to run about five bucks a month or so—can be quite tempting.  Unfortunately though, while the price itself is mostly attractive, there are just way too many downfalls to cheap web hosting that make it a real deal breaker.

Here’s why you simply need to pay more than $4.99 a month for web hosting if you take your website seriously at all:

Cheap webhosting often equals bad neighbors. This happens when you use shared hosting that hosts your site on the same server as hundreds—or even thousands—of other websites.  Oftentimes, there is virtually no quality control with regards to the types of sites that are allowed on the server.  Being server neighbors with undesirable websites can cause problems for your own site when it comes to doing well with the search engines.

Cheap web hosts don’t offer the performance your site needs. No matter if you have 10 visitors a day or if your traffic count is in the tens of thousands daily, you still want to provide a quality visitor experience, right?  Well, with cheap web hosting, your site’s performance is at the mercy of the shared web server that hosts those other thousand sites that could each be pulling in their own thousands of visitors all at the same time…severely degrading your own site’s performance (and you guessed it—negatively impacting your site’s SEO as a result too).

Cheap web hosting is just unreliable all around. You get what you pay for.  And with cheap, super-budget web hosting, it’s not much.  Don’t expect the best up-time for your site with cheap hosts; don’t plan to get top site speed and performance; and above all, certainly don’t expect real human support with cheap web hosting.

When you think about it, your web host plays such an important role in your overall web presence.  It’s not just your website that your hosting affects, but also your email and other web-centric functions you rely on.  If you depend on reliable web service to keep your site (and your organization) up and running in all areas, you simply need to invest in quality web hosting.

So, What Is The Sleepless Media Choice For Web Hosting?

We prefer to have our clients use our own web hosting service.  It makes it easier and simpler for us to do our job with your website; but of course, there are quite a few benefits in it for you as well (and that’s what’s most important).  A few key benefits of using our hosting:

Dedicated Rackspace Servers. We host your websites directly through industry-leading, high-performance Rackspace hosting on our own dedicated servers.  It’s what the best professional websites use.  Enough said.

We Manage Everything For You. Our motto is we lose sleep at night so you don’t have to.  When using Sleepless Media Hosting, we’ll take care of everything for you—so you can focus on running your business or organization without worrying about all of the tech stuff.

Customer Support From Sleepless. If you ever experience a problem or have any questions at all regarding your web hosting, you can just call us—you’ll get a real human right here in California on the phone.  From there, we’ll go to work for you to address the query promptly.  No runaround required.

In the end, the choice is always yours.  Some will choose to go with the $4.99-a-month budget host and put up with the complications that come with the territory.

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