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It almost goes without saying that a company’s logo and website should be in complete harmony with one another. Even an amazing company site with a bad logo will fall short of its full potential. The logo is the foundation of the design and style guide. It’s like trying to create a fantastic solar system with dimly lit star at the center, it just doesn’t work. If the old saying about “polishing a turd” wasn’t originally coined when talking about logos, it really should have been!

Many companies may be reluctant to revamp their logo, which reigns supreme as the most important element of their visual identity. But the truth is there is rarely a better time to address a refresh than when approaching a website redesign. Let’s review the most common fears and/or issues that come up in this scenario:

  1. “We’d be open to changing it, but are hesitant because we don’t want to throw out years of already established brand identity. People are familiar with what already exists and identify us by it.”
    This is a reasonable concern, but it’s actually more harmful to stick with a logo that is dated or just plain bad. Huge companies rebrand themselves all the time. (Need some examples? Check these out…) Companies who fear change and fail to maintain their identity will ultimately be left in the dust. If this a major concern of a client, suggest using the salvageable elements (if any) of the old logo and cleaning them up. Rather than a complete redesign, so if nothing else, it’s an upgrade while retaining the brand’s legacy.
  2. “It’s too big of an undertaking.”
    It can be, but it doesn’t have to be. Your logo and associated elements should be addressed to come up with a strategy. Sometimes all it needs is a little sprucing up, but if it is a larger more time-consuming prospect, there’s probably a really good reason for that. Don’t let it hold you back from exploring it.
  3. “It’s way too expensive, we don’t have the budget.”
    Again, it can be but doesn’t have to be. If your designer suggests a logo redesign, don’t think they’re just doing so for a cash grab. If you’re working with a good designer or design team, they’ll have your best interests in mind and it’s their job to be honest with you and to regularly consult with you on how things can be improved. The truth is, they know how damaging the logo will be to the web design process and they want the opportunity to do great work that will exceed the client’s expectations and goals. It simply won’t happen with a dated or ill-suited logo. Too expensive? Think of all of the potential customers you are losing or turning off if things don’t sing. It’s more important than ever to instill the proper impression—good branding not only pays for itself, but many times over.

There are plenty more where those came from, but those are the big three we hear most often. To help with the discussion, we’ll often show clients other logo redesigns so they can not only gain a better insight on the process, but also see samples of before and afters. Tangible examples makes the task seem less daunting. Inspiring content that shows the results of the design process is always a plus and often helps the client get properly aligned with what’s at stake.

If a client is dead set on keeping a sub-par logo, the best approach as a designer is to keep the design clean and the palette simple, but sometimes the turning down the project altogether is the best policy—we’ve definitely run into those scenarios where it’s a lost cause. Simply put, you could have the most amazing looking site ever, but if the header’s cradling an eye-sore, there will be no way to truly counteract that. A skilled designer might work around a bad logo but in their heart of hearts they know it’s not doing you the justice you deserve. That’s no way to fly.

Below are just a few logos we’ve redesigned in conjunction with new website designs. Click here to learn more about a few of the brand transformations we’ve taken part in.

Wellspring Psychology - Logo Before & After

Coastal Evergreen - Logo Before & After

Heartwood Residential - Logo Before & After

GM Quartz - Logo Before & After

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