When people think of SEO (search engine optimization), the first thing that usually comes to mind is writing page after page of keyword optimized website copy. Traditionally, the written word was the key to success when it came to climbing to the top of the ranks in the search engines—and while it still plays an important role, SEO today is about so much more. There’s social media, there’s page speed, theirs link profiles, and for the purposes of today’s blog article…there’s Video.

Using Video To The Fullest Extent Can Work Wonders For SEO.

It’s not a gimmick or a trick at all. Nope. The reason video works so well for SEO is simply because the search engines know that their customers, the searchers, are very keen on watching online video as a source of their content. People are busy. They don’t always want to read through pages for information, or depend on the simplicity of a basic image or two. But with video, they can have the convenience of getting the media in a way that is simple and effective.

So again, video is a great idea for SEO due to the fact that it is popular with visitors and because the search engines want happy customers.

Something else to think about is the “length of visit” metric. Savvy website owners know that the longer a visitor stays on their site, the better chance they have to turn that visitor into a conversion. Search engines measure this metric too and have been known to factor it into their ranking algorithms—the longer a visitor stays on a site, the more relevant and higher quality that site must be to the visitor doing a search. And when an average text content visitor might just stick around for a few seconds and ultimately decide all that reading isn’t what they want to do, a video visitor is going to be very likely to stick around to watch the entire video if it suits their wants and needs.

Clearly, when it comes to length of stay, video has a nice advantage. Very good for SEO.

Video provides transparency too. It’s easy to hide behind a body of text, but when an e-commerce site, for example, uses product description videos along with the traditional written content for a product, they’re going to provide visitors with a better chance to actually experience what the product has to offer. It’s more of a “hands-on” experience.

It’s easy to see what makes video so attractive. Visitors like it and so do the search engines. It’s easy to gauge just how important search engines treat video in light of SEO—just look at where they place it in the search results listings for a given search. If good video is available for a certain keyword search, it is almost always placed front and center at the top of the first page rankings. This alone pretty much confirms what the search engines think of about the importance of video when it comes to SEO. Video is very important to modern SEO.

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