If you’re not taking advantage of bundling capabilities on Shopify, you’re missing the boat—and it’s a big one that’s filled with the cold hard green stuff. It feels like every other project we take on these days requires some sort of custom bundle builder or quiz. This is for good reason—merchants are looking for ways to walk customers through the buying process. With Covid, this has become even more important since it’s encouraged most brick and mortars to move toward improving their e-commerce presence and boosting online conversions.

Here are some examples of custom Bundle Builders, Quizzes, and Questionnaires we’ve developed on the Shopify/Shopify Plus platform.

Pillow Guy

Pillow Guy has a great line of products, but figuring out exactly what pillows and sheets are best for you can be harder than you think. We designed and developed a custom questionnaire that walks customers through the right questions to make the right choices, complete with custom icons that enhance the UX as users flow through the process. In the end, they’re served up with a nice little bundle that’s super simple to add to the cart. Looking to increase your average order value (AOV)? This is the way.

Pillow Guy Bundle Builder on Shopify

Breeo Firepits

Breeo’s custom builder is as good as it gets—they not only invented the world’s first smokeless firepit, they’ve created a good grip of sizes, materials, and accessories to choose from. A 3-step process, this build-your-own setup is far easier to use compared to your standard product page. It literally builds the firepit setup of your wildest dreams and spits it out in a nice little order that will be delivered to your doorstep before you know it. Conversions? Yes—the word is that over 80% of their orders come from this setup vs. their standard product pages.

Breeo Bundle Builder

Bafang Ebike Essentials

It turns out that converting your good old pedal bike to an ebike can be done, but there’s a lot to know before you’re capable of selecting the right products. The custom quiz we built is designed to find out if it works for your bike. This is a multi-stepped process that previously had Bafang spending a lot of time on customer service calls to walk customers through the process. Complete with some fun custom illustrations we made for each step, the quiz empowers users to find out if their bike will work and what components they need without needing to pick up their phone or send an email into the abyss.

Bafang Questionnaire

These are just a few of the bundle builder examples we’ve launched but we’ll update this post with some additional examples that we are currently working on. If you’d like to talk about developing a custom builder, questionnaire, or quiz on Shopify, please don’t hesitate to reach out to chat details.

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