Pumped On A New Shopify Feature

Remember Me now, believe me later. Like Hanz and Franz, we’ve got some Shopify news that’ll pump you up.

How many minutes/hours in the course of a lifetime does one spend entering credit card info online? Who knows? But we’re tellin ya… it’s probably a lot!

As Shopify becomes more widely used as one of the most trusted ecommerce platforms in the world, purchasing is now being securely streamlined with “Remember Me”. We know your parents might still be scared to put their credit card info online, but lots of time and energy can be now be saved (and safe!) with this new functionality. So let’s get with the times!

Remember Me allows Shopify to store people’s billing information and shipping information for easier and faster checkouts. Once folks have opted into Remember Me one Shopify merchant’s store, their info is securely stored and can be used on any other Shopify store that has Remember Me enabled. Also, Shopify’s PCI compliant servers store customer info safely and securely, and that info is only shared with the Shopify seller once an order is actually placed. That’s right! With our powers combined, we can make this Shopify world a better place.

Here are some Remember Me FAQs.

A Few Requirments:

  • Must be using Shopify Payments.
  • Store language must be set to English.
  • No customizations to checkout can be applied to your theme.
  • Customer accounts must be set to optional or disabled.

How to Enable:

*Queue exclamatory trumpet noise* Bermp bermp ber derr!

Customers will now be able to opt-in to Remember Me and use it at checkout.

After customers have opted in and they go to to check out, they’ll enter their email to receive a code via text that they’ll need to enter.
Viola! Shipping and billing information will be automatically filled out, and customers will be able to use their saved info on another other Shopify store with Remember Me now enabled.

As always, if you have any questions about this or anything else Shopify related, feel free to reach out to us or email us at hello@sleeplessmedia.com.

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