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For over 10 years Beklina has curated beautiful and thoughtful clothing and objects with a unique perspective and native-modern vibe. Beklina brings together strong thinkers and artists in the fashion world, emphasizing USA made, well crafted heirloom wares and sustainable ideals.
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An Artistic Eco Boutique
Beklina Boutique has been a long time client of ours, and knowing that web design trends change just as fast as fashion trends do, they came back to us for some much needed design upgrades. We delivered a more blog-centric site, with an elegant design that is mobile responsive and easy for customers to navigate.
Beklina Homepage
The Difference Between Style And Fashion Is Quality
Beklina came to us knowing that they wanted a fresh face, but not wanting to just follow trending fads. After analyzing their competitors and finding the best approach, we equipped Beklina with a cleaner site that provides their customers with a more quality shopping experience.
Beklina Collection
Thoughtfully Curated Products
Along with improving overall functionality of the site, we also rejuvenated the product detail pages. The pages now feature bigger more impactful product shots that users can scroll through effortlessly. They can quickly select size, color and quantity, read reviews, and make purchases with ease.
Beklina Product Page
Angelina Beklina
“The team is endlessly helpful, flexible and always quick to respond.”Angelina RennellProprietor @ Beklina
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