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Delectable snacks made with the best ingredients that provide you with a handy and healthy alternative to heavily processed junk. Artisan Tropic's tasty plantain and cassava strips come in a variety of flavors, so you're sure to find your new favorite nosh!
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The Artisan Tropic team and family are passionate about upgrading your snacking. After finding great success on the shelves of stores like Target, Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Costco, they were looking to shift their focus to growing B2C sales through their website. Already on Shopify, we loved working with the super great people on their team to make the best possible site for their new marketing directives. Vibrant and fun, we were on a mission to create a custom site that reflected the brand's enthusiasm, unique style, and story.
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Deep Roots
More than just their products, Artisan Tropic is about family, education, and sustainability. We gave them ample opportunities to acquaint folks with what makes them different and special with a generous helping of their brand's energy at every turn.
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Bite Size
No matter what the device, their brand shines across the board while a conversion-focused flow has helped increase mobile orders substantially since launch.
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Icons & Illustrations
Artisan Tropic was attracted to our illustration work so they knew it should be part of the scope from the get-go. 100% custom and unique, we used them throughout the site to expand upon their existing branding and call out product features.
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Sharing and Caring
The site's product pages aren't just composed of a photo gallery and a short description. They're in-depth sales pages with varied typefaces, subscriptions, benefit icons, nutrition, and callouts to learn more about their products and philosophy at large.
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Their attention to detail and professionalism are top-class—I would work with them again in a heart beat!Read Full ReviewJuan N.Director of Marketing @ Artisan Tropic
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