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Started by the same team who established the incredibly popular Santa Cruz beer house: Lúpulo, Copal is a restaurant and mezcal bar that pulls from the classic, delicious cuisine and heritage of Oaxaca, Mexico.
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We were more than stoked when owners Noelle and Stuyvie came to us about opening a new restaurant, knowing they wanted a solid, well thought-out foundation. Together we established a brand that's authentic as their recipes, with a laid back, refined feeling. Perfect for sipping a margarita, snacking on some molotes, and enjoying the Santa Cruz vibes.
Copal - Branding
Cutting to the Core
To get a genuine look and feel for Copal's logo we took to old-school print making, cutting the design in woodblock, giving us that unique, handcrafted effect we wanted. Check out the process video on Instagram.
Copal - Logo Woodcut Print
Opening during these troubled times, it was was incredibly important Copal have an expressive website. One that not only let people know the restaurant's yummy food and drink offerings, but also gave off the right Mexican vibes.
Copal - Homepage
Portable Plate
For pickup, delivery, and anything on-the-go, Copal's site is ready for anyone to pick up their phone and place an order or make a reservation.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Santa Cruz, CA
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