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Provac Sales maintains one of the largest inventories of new and rebuilt vacuum pumps in the United States. They ship, service and deliver far and wide. What’s a vacuum pump you say? We’ll get to that…
Built on Shopify
The Nuts & Bolts
A long-time client, Provac came back to us to reinvent their Shopify-based website after undergoing a recent rebrand. This being the third time we've had the opportunity to redesign their website, we were able to turn over each and every stone to create a new site that lives up to the impeccable level of services they provide.
Provac Homepage
Pumps Illustrated
You can’t exactly go down to the stock icon bargain bin site and pick up illustrations of vacuum pumps, now can you? That’s why we rolled up our sleeves and brought their complex products to illustrative life with bespoke, detailed icons. They act as integral aspects of the navigation, giving users an easy way to see and get to the category they’re looking for in no time flat.
Provac Illustrations
Custom Video & Photography
Provac’s previous sites relied mainly on product photos and text, without very many visuals to back it up. We encouraged them to come out of the shadows a bit and better communicate the people behind the operation, in addition to their products, services, facility. We took video to add motion to the background of their homepage, and captured the perfect photographic ingredients to elevate the site’s layout throughout the entire design.
Provac - Photography
Cleaning up Shop
Information is vital when it comes to Provac’s products, so we decked out the native Shopify blogging engine to better present their articles, enhancing their SEO efforts. When it came to the product pages, we didn’t keep it safe—we continued the richness of the design’s colors and photography for a slick yet functional presentation.
Provac Interior Pages
Paul Flood
“Sleepless has helped us gain and maintain a top-ranking website, greatly impacting our sales and reputation in a positive way.” By redesigning our website, (three times now), and using the most current technology standards possible, they've helped us navigate through the ever-evolving world of ecommerce for the past 10 years. They'll continue to be a company asset for our marketing strategy, and we look forward to continuing to work together with their receptive, creative, and prompt team.Paul FloodPresident @ Provac
Instant Search. Elegant Navigation.
Searching their inventory couldn't be a more important aspect of the site, so a search bar takes center stage on every page. To keep the navigation as uncluttered as possible, we opted for the three most essential menu items so their customers can narrow down what they’re looking for quickly. A sandwich navicon in the top right triggers a flyout menu from the right that contains all of the informational odds and ends, ensuring users have access to those at all times as well. If it’s there, you’ll find it.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Santa Cruz, CA
Provac Search Feature
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