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Event Santa Cruz hosts some of the best events in town, highlighting local businesses, music, food and culture.
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The Main Event
Obviously, for an establishment called Event Santa Cruz, making sure there upcoming events are front and center, and folks can easily find this info, is the most important element to push. The homepage was designed with this in mind, while also featuring additional exciting content like videos of performances, interviews, etc.
Event Santa Cruz Homepage
The events are obviously the most important aspect of the site, so we not only made them easy to digest, but easy to update. With controls to make drafts, turn them off and on and archive, the site's super easy to manage for Event SC. They can also link straight to Eventbrite so users can grab the tickets they want no problem. The business directory is also a main feature in that it helps promote the many businesses in the community, so we kept the logo-loaded grid layout tight and proportional.
Event Santa Cruz Interiors
In a rush? Watch videos, buy tickets and find a location without even thinking about it.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Santa Cruz, CA
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