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Javi’s Ranch Water

When the heat's beating down, even the coldest beer or seltzer just won’t do the trick. Javi's produces real, ready-to-share Ranch Water that's made the way it ought to be—with 100% Agave Tequila, sparkling water, and a hint of lime.
Built on Shopify
The Mission
Javi's approached before they launched the brand to design a top-of-the line website with all the nuts and bolts they needed to enter the world with a splash. We opted to build the site on Shopify so they'll be able to roll out ecommerce capabilities for merchandise and what not whenever they're ready. We designed a custom site with a fun, on-brand, thirst-inducing experience.
Javi's Ranch Water - Homepage
What's Inside
Every design decision on Javi's was carefully considered to ensure the best UX possible, complete with an illustrated store locator map and some tasteful animation. Fortunately their excellent branding and assets made it easy to nail down graceful layouts that are informative without being too text-heavy.
Javi's Ranch Water - Interiors
Take it To Go
Like many CPG food and beverage brands, the Javi's mobile experience was always given extra attention. A smooth scrolling journey with prominent calls-to-action guide the visitor to what they're after quickly and easily.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in New York, NY
Javi's Ranch Water - Mobile
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