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Driven by their belief that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the water, Santa Barbara Aquatics set out to build a dive shop that would provide not only top-notch equipment but also exceptional training and unforgettable aquatic experiences. With years of expertise and a genuine desire to make a difference, Santa Barbara Aquatics was born.
Built on Shopify
Branding Reimagined
With a thriving local swim and dive class business located in Santa Barbara, they also quietly became the premier shop on Amazon to find the best diving gear available. That being said, the company's branding remained an afterthought and didn't distill their mission, story, or visual identity in a way that would gain proper recognition or customer loyalty. With new marketing directives on the horizon, they enlisted our services for a comprehensive rebrand that redefined their visuals, voice, collateral, and messaging across the board.
Santa Barbara Aquatics - Branding
Crushing Commerce
Suffering from BigCommerce syndrome, their previous site was outdated and wasn't putting them in a position to do more business directly versus relying heavily on Amazon. After the rebrand we proceeded to blow what they had clear out of the water. The process yielded a glossy new Shopify site that immerses visitors with a UI/UX that perfectly balances their local service offerings with a world-class shopping experience.
Santa Barbara Aquatics - Homepage
Uncharted Territory
Having relied on a template-based approach in the past, their previous mobile setup was a victim of neglect. We dove deep to uncover the presentation, no matter the device, that would drive their high mobile traffic through a seamless buy flow that would greatly increase average order values.
Santa Barbara Aquatics - Mobile
Weight of the Water
We harnessed the new messaging we created for them to cross-pollinate their brand, their story, and their products. We implemented an in-depth filtering and search interface on their collection listing pages that is unmatched in the industry. If you can't find what you're looking for, it simply doesn't exist. Even though their new site is much more commerce-heavy, their swim and dive class offerings never take a back seat—in fact, sign-ups are far easier for their customers to execute, saving their staff from time-consuming customer service.
Santa Barbara Aquatics - Interiors
The Aftermath
The before and after illustrates the contrast of what we accomplished after the top-to-bottom rebrand and the replatform of their website into a force to be reckoned with.
Launch PorjectpinHeadquartered in Santa Barbara, CA
Santa Barbara Aquatics - Before + After
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