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Born in the mountains of Northern California, Humboldt Distillery produces the golden state's best-selling organic vodka. But that's not all—their rum and malt whiskey will wet your whistle like it's going out of style.
Clean and Crisp With An Edge
Humboldt Distillery enlisted our help to better support their spirits with immersive photography, a clear voice, and a clean approach that doesn't lose sight of the edgy nature of their brand. We took a fresh approach with an organic look and feel that avoids the boxy trap so many websites fall victim to. Texture, light, creative flourishes, and story-forward messaging—it's all dressed up in a shiny package of WordPress goodness.
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If we could count the number of times we mentioned mobile during the process, we'd be parched and ready for a stiff one. (Well that's most of the time, but still...) Our mantra was simple—if it wasn't 100-proof on mobile, it didn't work, period.
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Fluent in Floral
It would have been the easy way out to just toss their pretty bottles into the page and call it a day, but we wanted to take it further. We accomplished this by designing custom graphical elements to drive home the ingredients that are at the root of their process.
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Craft Cocktails. Crafted Interiors.
We took a brand-forward approach to HD's design, which shows through on their Who We Are page. A recipes section brings their bottles to life with craft cocktails that are as beautiful as they are tasty. Last but not least, their products link to an easy way to get your guilty pleasures delivered right to your door.
Launched ProjectpinHeadquartered in Fortuna, CA
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Yeah, there's more...