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The Lady Peng team is gearing up to revolutionize the financial strategies, business framework, and marketing expertise of every Waxing Creative participant. Their goal is to ensure you depart with enhanced skills and a healthier bottom line than when you first joined.
Built on Shopify
Smooth Operator
Part storefront, part educational platform, Lady Peng was created a place for estheticians, and all waxers to elevate their game.
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Polished Pieces
Simple, stylish symbols, Lady Peng's clean, but cute, icons are small accents to each products benefits and features. With minimalist vibes, they keep things neat, tidy, and smooth.
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Members Only
Only selling to estheticians with a Resellers License, we designed Lady Peng's product pages to entice "Waxing Creatives" to sign up and join!
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Waxing Poetic
Along with their stellar products, Lady Peng is a wealth waxing knowledge. From tips and tricks, to no-B.S. advise and inpspiration, the aim is to help you leave with more skill and pocket more coin than when you arrive.
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Professional in Your Pocket
Responsive, clean, and easy to navigate, get the Lady Peng experience on the go or from the comfort of your couch, bed, anywhere.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in San Jose, CA
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