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Splitvolt's mission is to deliver products that Empower the Adoption of Electric Vehicles by making the experience of owning and charging an electric vehicle a simple and affordable one. Their revolutionary flagship product, the Splitter Switch, is the EV household appliance that allows you to intelligently and seamlessly share your dryer socket with your EV charger giving you 7X faster charging than a normal wall socket.
Built on Shopify
Splitvolt's previous site was relying on a WordPress template that was wrought with problems. Leaning on Woocommerce for online orders, they were referred to us by their fulfillment partner to evaluate their situation and make recommendations. After touching on their pain points, re-platforming to Shopify was an obvious choice. We spared no expense on a full redesign that helps them properly educate their customers while their innovative products shine nice and bright.
Splitvolt - Homepage
Road Worthy
While most of their sessions are still on desktop, their target customers do a lot of research on mobile. Naturally, mobile never took a back seat, and the navigation took some extra elbow grease to find the sweet spot.
Splitvolt - Mobile
Charging Animations
We had the opportunity to do a lot of cool animation work. Don't mistake it for bells and whistles, it helps communicate their product's functionality and offers a slickness that any tech-related company can appreciate.
Splitvolt - EVs Charging
Icons of Everything
A custom icon pack covers every base it needs to. It's used for navigational purposes and to highlight features and benefits—something that was missing altogether from their previous website.
Splitvolt - Icons
For the Detailed
Splitvolt - Product Page
Splitvolt - Interiors
Before & After
To say the before and after contrast is extreme would be an understatement. The redesigned site far better exemplifies the futuristic leanings of their cutting edge products.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Santa Clara, CA
Splitvolt - Before & After
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