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MULE Expedition Outfitters is a leader in the overlanding scene, and continues to captivate the imagination of the #vanlife community. Sparking admiration for its ingenious design concepts their extraordinary journey never tires.
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Rugged Design with an Easy Ride
Through innovative design techniques and a keen eye for detail, our custom redesign was able to transform ideas into an immersive journey, inviting visitors to explore, engage, and connect with the brand on a deeper level. Rugged yet clean, and ensuring speed and responsiveness, the new site drives circles around the previous iteration.
Mule - Homepage
Strength in the Structure
Armed with a plethora of products at the ready, we set out to make the navigation, filtering and buy flow seamless and consistent. With seamless and consistent navigation, filtering, and purchasing processes, the customer's journey is effortless considering their large catalog. Dedicated to stocking everything necessary to build your dream rig, the updated look and feel has fostered a new sense of confidence and loyalty among their customer base.
Mule - PLP & PDP
Through our discovery process, it was no surprise that mobile traffic constituted the majority of their visits. Our team set out to craft the ultimate mobile experience for the nomad. It's not just fast; it delivers an exceptional experience from start to finish.
Mule - Mobile
An Iconic Journey
There was a lot of room for crisp, detailed iconography to make the site more engaging and less reliant on text and photos It added that extra level of *chef's kiss* to the product navigation.

There was ample opportunity for crisp, detailed iconography to enhance the site's engagement and reduce dependence on text and photos. Always custom, we take the time to make sure every pixel of our illustration work is always on-brand and never generic.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquatered in Issaquah, WA
Mule - Icons
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