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Founded in 2012, Shredly is the top mountain bike (and other adventures) apparel company, empowering women to adventure in style.
Built on Shopify
Gearing Up for Sucess
With a stagnate template holding them back, the Shredly's team was ready for a bespoke site, that perfectly fit their products and mission. For them, we designed a clean, yet subtly rugged look and feel, that appeals to their audience and let's their cool products and dynamic patterns shine above all.
Shredly - Homepage
Handling the Goods
Shredly has many exciting patterns and product types that appeal to a wide group of those ready to hit the trails. With orderly menu and page design, along with robust filtering, now users can find the perfect item.
Shredly - Product Organization
On-Track Fashion
Shredly's new product detail pages emphasizes an elegantly tidy layout that makes the selection and ordering process a breeze.
Shredly - PDP
Road to Responsive
In between recording their latest biking trip or trick for TikTok, any user can can jump over to Shredly's site to quickly and effortlessly check out the new arrivals.
Shredly - Mobile
Adventure in Style
More than just a fashion brand, Shredly strives to create a community for mountain bikers and outdoor enthusiasts. We created plenty of space on the a site where they can get their mission out their, and where like-minded folks can find events and join in the fun.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Colorado
Shredly - Interiors
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