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Yellow Dog helps the most avid fly fisherman fish the world over like no one else can, and sets you up with the right equipment for the right destinations.
Built on Shopify
A World-Class Destination
Formerly on WordPress, we took Yellow Dog's existing design and gave it an overhaul and re-platformed to Shopify Plus. In the process we refreshed their user experience and folded in a full-fledged online shop to compliment their guide trips. Need the gear for where you're going? Yellow Dog's site serves up the perfect pairings for your trip.
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Mega Menus Magnified
A giant site calls for a giant navigation strategy. Everything you're after is given a bird's eye treatment so you're never lost in flight. We landed on a mega menu that even a grandma could love. Accessible, SEO-courteous, and concise, the navigation offers a seamless buying experience that is second-to-none.
Yellow Dog Flyfishing - Mega Menus
Dynamic Destinations
Yellow Dog is a juggernaut in the fly fishing tourism space. If you meet a fly fisherman that's not familiar with them, send them our way, we need to have a chat! This being the case, we re-engineered their destinations interface all powered under the powerful Shopify hood. Live, learn, go, catch.
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Fishing Reports
The latest, greatest information at the drop of a hat.
Yellow Dog Flyfishing - Fishing Reports
Reeling It In
Need we say more?
Yellow Dog Flyfishing - Mobile
Yeah, there's more...