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The future of streaming data is here and now. Nstream has developed the fastest way to build full-stack, open-source streaming apps that provide real-time insights.
Built on Wordpress
Logo & Branding
Formerly known as Swim, the Nstream team came to us looking to create an over-arching brand that would be forward-looking, exciting, and bold (just like their technology). Through a dynamic color scheme, humanist type-usage, and creative application, we developed a brand that sets them apart from their competition, and invites conversation.
Nstream - Branding
From resource documents and social post templates, to booth design, we built up an assortment of print and digital pieces that would be used for a variety of purposes.
Nstream - Collateral
With loads of technical information and unique benefits, Nstream's site was created to be a dynamic, on-brand hub for resources, news, and education, that encompasses their mission and character.
Nstream - Website
Nstream's icon suit was created to present a unified, crisp & modern system, that could be used across numerous situations and platforms.
Nstream - Icons
How do you take complex systems and processes, and distill them down in an appealing, easy-to-understand way. We worked with their technical leads to develop just those graphics, which were part art and part science.
pinHeadquartered in Campbell, CA
Nstream - Infographics
Yeah, there's more...