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More than 140 years after the first Sanders doors opened, it could be argued that they launched the artisanal chocolate movement. Today, they're an iconic national brand that you can't step into a Costco, Krogers, or Target without stumbling upon their delectable offerings.

Built on Shopify Plus
The Project
A division of Kar's Nuts, Sanders' previous website had fallen out of step in relation to their passion for producing impeccable delights. Stranded in the costly shadow of Magento, they called on us to give them a fresh and modern start, redesigning the entire UX and topping it off with a full migration to Shopify Plus. We established a site that reflects a brand proud of their heritage while embracing the now.
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Classic Interiors
The Sanders legacy called for keeping a classic aesthetic that didn't alienate their ever-loyal customer base. We completely restructured the architecture to encompass without overwhelming. The mega menu showcases at a glance while the expanded filtering in the left nav keeps customers browsing.
Sanders Candy - Interiors
Sweet and Succinct
Sanders' existing customers know what they like, so our goal was to get out of the way when we see them coming. They don't need to swim through the fluff to add to the cart, while new customers have quick routes to request help, see special shipping offers, high-level messages, ingredients, and more.
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Did We Lose You?
No? Cool, we're going to go order some chocolate and we might suggest you do too.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Detroit, Michigan
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