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A solution for all-in-one supply chain transparency, SupplyShift is a responsible supply chain network that helps you discover the insights you need to deliver the best products possible — for your business, people, and the planet.
Built on Wordpress
A Global Shift
So, how do you make a complex subject like supply chain logistics management approachable and accessible? That was the challenge we faced with the redesign of the SupplyShift website. We worked together to create something that far surpasses their competitors. It’s alive with color, animation, and illustrations that outline the benefits and tell their story (more on those below). Built out on the WordPress platform with a clear and easy-to-read hierarchy, the homepage is an engaging masterpiece, if we do say so ourselves.
SupplyShift - Homepage
Digging Deeper
To help SupplyShift better educate customers and address problems within the supply chain system, we developed an ultra-custom page builder in WordPress that allows them to create as many pages as they like using the building blocks of the design elements we implemented.
SupplyShift - Interiors
Custom illustrations were incredibly important to the success of the project. Our goal was to strike a balance between friendly, but not too cartoony; metaphorical, yet literal. Together we brainstormed, sketched, and developed a series of illustrations that resonated with everyone.
SupplyShift - Illustrations
To complement the more robust illustrations, we also created an icon suite that stays clean and to-the-point, making it easier to scan through copy points.
SupplyShift - Icons
The new site is highly optimized for mobile, SEO, and integrated with Hubspot for automated inbound marketing.
pinHeadquartered in Santa Cruz, CA
SupplyShift - Mobile Devices
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