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Willamette Valley Pie

Oregon's Willamette Valley Pie Company uses fruit harvested at its freshest from their own farms, and dozens of other local Willamette Valley growers. Still a family business at its core, the company's grown into a 200-person operation with national distribution.
The Project
Willamette Valley Pie Co. approached us for a top-to-bottom rebuild. Leaning on an off-the-shelf template, they had recently migrated over to Shopify in a hurry and the brand's stature was not apparent. They came to us for the custom treatment we're known for. One of our key goals with the new design was to create a far more effective vehicle for B2C growth while highlighting their family’s hard work, passion, and knowledge of fruit that goes into hand-crafting their delicious desserts.
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A Fruitful Shopping Experience
WVP's product packaging is important, but what's inside also needed its share of primetime. We opted for rollovers on the product images to highlight more context as it relates to enjoying their baked goods. A "quick view" function allows visitors to get the basic details at a glance without navigating away from the page. Meanwhile, the product detail pages are enticing, informative, and educational.
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Icons & Illustration
The use of illustrations and icons we designed for the site really sets it apart and elevates the feel of the design and the overall experience.
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Going Places
Breaking things down to the mobile experience, it's just as rich as on desktop. Highly accessible with the best of mobile standards, their mobile conversion rates have increased substantially since launch.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Salem, OR
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