The Streetstrider is the first indoor + outdoor elliptical. It's the perfect way to get a fun, full-body workout, inside or out.
Built on Shopify Plus
Switching Gears
Held hostage by Magento in their busiest year to date, Streetstrider was looking for a way to jump ship to Shopify Plus and reinvent themselves in the process. We joined forces to forge a new path forward with a top-to-bottom redesign and a full migration.
StreetStrider - Homepage
Forward Mobility
The need for a quick and seamless mobile experience was pondered at every turn, and the mobile checkout flow was particularly important due to the unique nature of their products. We scrutinized everything and went above and beyond to make sure they were set up to increase conversions on mobile.
StreetStrider - Mobile Designs
Better Buying
Ok, so you've decided a Streetstrider is for you, what's next? If the buy flow doesn't hit the mark or causes confusion it's easy to lose sales. Streetstrider's product page boasts a multi-step process in itself when it comes to selecting options. The UX indicates where the customers are in the process without it feeling cumbersome. Questions? Nahhh.
StreetStrider - Product Detail Page
Inner Strength
Interior pages? Oh yeah. A high-ticket item, Streetstriders need a lot of supplementary content to educate buyers and help make sure that it's the right product for them. Health Benefits, Sucess Stories, Videos, News—it's all there and often in a multilayered format that beefs up their SEO and keeps it that way.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Huntington Beach, CA
StreetStrider - Interiors
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