Founded on the belief that skin health is fundamental to overall health and well-being, TruSkin is pioneering skin nutrition. Crafted in small batches, all of their products are cruelty-free and made without unnecessary additives or fragrances.
Built on Shopify Plus
Tru Beauty
Truskin sought out our services while undergoing a rebrand and needed a new launch to coincide with the brand rollout. The existing website wasn't reflecting the proper look or feel of the brand, and they were looking for something more authentic that would align with their ethos. Previously lacking focus on an engaging customer journey, we redesigned every pixel of their Shopify Plus site to create the ideal customer shopping experience. The results yielded a 71% conversion rate increase within the first 3 months of launch.
TruSkin - Homepage
Mobile Shopping
We designed TruSkin's mobile layouts to take just as much advantage of their vibrant branding as their site does on desktop. Colorful and easy-to-use, every mobile layout was designed with conversions in mind and an easy way to sign up for an ongoing subscription.
TruSkin - Mobile
Product Pages
With a wealth of new assets to work with, we designed TruSkin's PDPs to showcase a variety of photos while keeping away from a text-heavy layout. We harnessed accordions so that all of the product information is at the customer's fingertips while keeping the page short and sweet. It's easy to toggle between one-time purchases and subscriptions, and indicates whether or not the product is in stock and ready to ship. Recommended "Rituals" display additional products they might be interested in with special functionality so they can add them all to their cart in one fell swoop.
TruSkin - Product Detail Page
Educational Interiors
Excellent ingredients are what sets them apart from the competition, so we put extra emphasis on the ingredients with a dedicated page that depicts photos and learn more links. We kept the story page fun with a natural flow that draws customers in and encourages additional brand loyalty.
TruSkin - Interiors
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