Happy Trees. Happy Customers. Since the 1950's, California's Four Winds Growers have strived to offer the highest quality dwarf citrus and edible ornamentals available, empowering home gardeners with the knowledge and resources they need to succeed in any settings. As a community, they aim to foster a socially and environmentally conscious lifestyle that honors the home-grown tradition.
Citrus Trees Mockups
Website & Comprehensive Branding From an updated logo, to the brand voice, to a fully redesigned website, we worked with Four Winds Growers to revitalize their already renowned brand from top to bottom. The end result culminated in a shiny new Shopify Plus site that captures the very essence of the brand and empowers their customers.
Branding Branding
Web Design Web Design
Shopify Plus Shopify Plus
Illustrations Illustration
Pioneers of the World's First Dwarf Citrus With an internationally small number of curated products planned for launch, we created the design in a way that catered to their initial offerings, and ensured there was plenty of room to grow their product line. Introducing the ethos and lifestyle behind the brand was of utmost importance, so we helped shine a light on that from head to toe.
Four Winds screens
Four Winds Phone screens
Luscious Illustrations These aren't icons, they're detailed illustrations that harken back to the styles that ran rampant when the company was founded. These meticulously crafted illustrations for each key category to enhance navigation and better support the look and feel of the brand.
Shop, Learn, Grow. Sure, Four Winds is the best place to buy semi-dwarf trees, but if that's all you show up for, your're missing the boat! Their site is chalk full of resources. Recipes, Frequently Asked Questions, Growing Tips and more. Learn what to buy, learn how to care for it, and learn what to make with the fruits of your labor.
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  • Location: Santa Cruz, CA
  • Project Type: Branding & Web Design
  • Platform: Shopify Plus
  • Industry: Farming & Agriculture
  • Launched: March 2018

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