The Original Pebble Tile

Island Stone literally created the pebble tile genre, pioneering the possibility for stunning, seamless surfaces of unmatched quality. They've since expanded their offerings to also include the best glass and tile claddings in the world.

Screen displays of Island Stone website,

So, What Did We Do Exactly?

With an international reach, Island Stone was looking to reinvent their brand's online presence starting with their North American division. A loyal, long-time client, we were thrilled to work with them to fully redesign the website in an adaptive format that's optimized for mobile.

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  • Iconography
Island Stone

Lifestyle-Focused Design

The company's products beautify spaces in a way you have to see to fully appreciate, so our focus with the design was to highlight their engaging, real-life photography that exemplifies its many uses. Their audience includes three separate segments: dealers, consumers and installers. We made sure the flow of the user-experience was conducive to all three groups, with the information important to each being quickly accessible site-wide.

Island Stone homepage design

Simplifying A Complex Product Line

Island Stone has an ever-growing product line, with more depth than it may appear on the surface. We worked closely with their marketing team to determine the best strategy when it comes to grouping and navigating their many layers. We ultimately devised a hierarchy that allows users to gracefully browse without missing any products or losing their way. We also added a new shop-by-color feature for added ease in selecting the right product for any given scenario. All of this is backed by our powerful custom Sleepless CMS.

Island Stone product page

Seamless On Mobile

Echoing the seamless nature of their famous stone claddings, the site also seamlessly adapts to all breeds of mobile. When their dealers showcase their products on a tablet in their showroom, there will be no doubt that it'll display beautifully. Installers will also be able to bring up the installation instructions on their phones from the construction site, while it'll be a breeze for all consumers looking for the perfect material for their spaces.

Island Stone Responsive Layout
  • Location: Watsonville, California
  • Project Type: Responsive Website Design
  • Platform: Sleepless CMS
  • Industry: Stone, Tile & Construction
  • Launched: November 2016

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