Does your restaurant have an ordering app? Mobile connectivity is here and here to stay. In fact, the mobile market share is rapidly outpacing traditional desktop based web use lately. No big surprise there, right? There’s more to the story, but today, let’s just focus on how your dining establishment can benefit from the rapid increase in technology in the food & beverage business by establishing your restaurant’s own online ordering app.

Here Are 5 Proven Ways An Ordering App Will Benefit Your Restaurant

Online Ordering App 300x200 5 Ways An Ordering App Will Benefit Your Restaurant

Benefit One: Ordering Online…It’s Where Your Customers Are

Your customers appreciate when you go above and beyond to serve them great food—and perhaps more importantly—make their hectic lives easier in the process. When you show your commitment to them by offering them better ways to interact through the technology we’ve all come to know and expect, you’ll earn more repeat customers for life. It’s true, restaurants using online ordering apps tend to show a marked increase in repeat orders. Part of it is the convenience; the other part has a lot to do with being connected with your customer in ways that having your own restaurant app can facilitate.

Benefit Two: Stand Out…Be Proud To Be Local

The big chains are already in the game—but most local folks aren’t fully aware of this yet. Your local restaurant can very affordably play on the same level playing field as the chains with mobile ordering and menu capabilities. And through word of mouth and other easy marketing techniques, you can promote the fact that you’re local and you have cutting edge customer convenience. Again, while the chains might have the capability, they don’t do a very good job promoting it…most local potential customers don’t even know that they have the capability. But you can have your cake and eat it too by creating your own mobile app and simply promoting it to your existing clientele and elsewhere in your market area.

Benefit Three: Your Restaurant In Your Customer’s Back Pocket

Who actually uses a phone book these days? Do you even have an up to date phone book in your drawer currently? Most people have put the phone book right in the recycle bin and moved on to their always handy smart phone for all of their phone lookup and local directory needs. It’s just too easy, because it’s always there, always up to date, and just a click away. You can accelerate this principle for your restaurant by putting your own app right on your customers’ mobile device home screens. They won’t even have to search…it’s right there!

Benefit Four: Beat The Competition

You have a mobile ordering app for your restaurant. Your competitors don’t. It’s that simple as well in the eyes of your customers. When they want to place a quick carry out or delivery order via the convenience of their mobile device, and they know that your business caters to their mobile savviness, you become the go to restaurant while your competition is left in the dark. Restaurant apps are catching on quickly in the industry, but you can still be first and lock in your position today.

Benefit Five: Increase Your Order Size

It’s been noted that customers using a mobile ordering app tend to place larger orders than by phoning it in. Maybe it’s because they have a visual guide that shows them just how delicious your fare is…kind of like having a great in-house menu and team that present an enticing vision to your in-house customers. You can’t do that over the phone, and a phone book add is extremely limited at best in the amount of information you can present—but you can custom tailor your message perfectly with a restaurant ordering app. Show your customers how great your food is, give them an easy to use ordering interface, and watch your average order size grow. It really makes sense.

So what are you waiting for? You can still be the first in your market to do an online ordering app right—and you can cement your market-leader position by doing so. It’s a simple process, and doesn’t even have to cost an arm and a leg. Let’s talk about some of the options and how having a restaurant ordering app can boost your bottom line.