Shopify Plus for all your ECommerce needs


A few weeks back, we posted a piece about the three core Shopify pricing plans, Basic, Middle, and Advanced. Throughout the post, we referred to this mystical unicorn called, ShopifyPlus. We know you’re probably wondering what said mystical unicorn actually is! And since you’ve been waiting on the edge of your seat, we won’t keep you there any longer. Go ahead and sit back now.

As we might have mentioned, the ShopifyPlus plan comes with a handful of more benefits than the standard three plans, making that higher price tag more manageable and, quite frankly, more practical. Reason being, and we’ll use analogies to explain, you’re not shopping for a Mercedes when all you need are the features of a Fiat 500. But if you need the Mercedes, then obviously you’re not showing up at Fiat. Right? And hey, don’t get it twisted, we LOVE Fiat 500s – Jon actually drives one to work everyday. Believe it or not, he can fit all four limbs and that big ol’ head in there comfortably—just no one sit in the backseat.

Back to the point, ShopifyPlus is the luxury model of eCommerce solutions, built for speed and comfort. Or should we say efficiency and ease? Because that’s what we really mean. And yes, ShopifyPlus does come at a higher monthly rate than the other plans, starting at $2,000/month; but it comes out in the wash when you consider how Plus helps you save in the long run and ultimately improve your business flow. Let me recap a little bit from our previous post, Plus does NOT charge a commission fee for third party gateways. So, as previously stated, if you’re turning over $400,000 in sales per month and you’re not using Shopify Payments, you’ll be paying a 0.5% commission rate to Shopify for hooking up your third party gateway— that’s $2,000 right there. And that’s not all! There’s more.

Some of the most notable features that separate Plus from the standard plans include unlimited staff accounts, advanced Shopify apps for things like scheduling, coordinating, event planning, success tracking, applying automatic discounts, and more. Plus members get up to nine expansion stores, a wholesale channel, customizable checkout, and access to highly advanced and attentive customer service. This includes a Merchant Success Manager to ensure your value points with Shopify are on point, Solutions Engineers to implement front and backend solutions, AND a Launch Manager to provide platform training, assist with external integrations, and connect you with specialized designers and developers (that’s us!).

The Plus Merchant Success Service is a network of consultants, engineers, and managers providing unparalleled one-on-one support to navigate the ins and outs of your business operation. Sounds pretty sweet huh? It’s almost like they want you to succeed! Crazy, I know. And beyond Shopify’s internal success network is the external, Shopify Plus Partner program, which is equally rad! We can say so because we’re Plus partners ourselves, and of course we’re rad. We only speak the truth, so we wouldn’t say so if we weren’t. 

The features of ShopifyPlus are designed to pay attention to all of the little details that go into operating a business so that the only thing you have to worry about is being the boss! Well, maybe not the only thing, but all in all, ShopifyPlus is one of the best eCommerce solutions for enterprise merchants. Not only is it worth every penny just for the sophistication of its features, but it’s truly going to be the best plan for businesses operating a heavy volume of sales with Master brand recognition. Trust us, it’s what we do. Want to pick our brains? Hit us up! We’re always down to chat about ShopifyPlus.