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'Eco-friendly' and ‘sustainable’ are two words that have been overused and diluted by an industry of green-washed marketing. With every environmentally-conscience product they sell, Algae Goods is on a mission to make sure the research is there to back it up, with full transparency on where their products come from and how they’re made.
Built on Shopify
Where It's Always Greener
On the dawn of launching their new brand, Algae Goods was invested in making sure their entrance into the retail ecommerce space was done right the first time, and with a quick turnaround. We instantly connected with their passion and set sail on the mission to design and develop a custom Shopify site with calming imagery and branded iconography.
Algae Goods Homepage
The Algae's In The Icons
The custom icons we created for the website don’t just look cool; they’re a critical component to communicate Algae’s message. They represent each category of the “Impact” section and double as callouts on the product detail pages to indicate the environmental impact of each product.
Algae Goods Icons
Shopping Around
The last thing the site needed was a complicated layout with fussy navigation. With a steady hand, we kept the shopping experience clean and minimal, with an elegant menu that breaks down into the sub-collections of their product lines.
Algae Goods Shopping
A Wealth Of Resources
Education is a must when it comes to Algae’s ethos, so we went above and beyond to make sure they had the right vehicle for their informative content. Any old blog layout just wouldn’t do, so their Shopify-powered blog engine was customized to make their articles sing. The Impact page guides users to product collections where each category comes into play. Google, here we come.
Algae Goods Resources
Sustainable. Ethical. Natural.
With an intentionally small number of curated products planned for launch, we created the design in a way that catered to their initial offerings and ensured there was plenty of room to grow their product line. Introducing the ethos and lifestyle behind the brand was of utmost importance, so we helped shine a light on that from head to toe.
pinHeadquartered in Santa Cruz, CA
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