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The online destination for all things olive oil, Olive Oil Lovers' producers truly are the best in the world. In fact, all of their own products compete against each other to win the most prestigious competitions. Customers make the best judges, and they make these top-quality oils best sellers every year.
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Bound by BigCommerce, OOL was on a mission to migrate to Shopify Plus and undergo a hefty overhaul to streamline their site and better represent their reputation for the best online source in the industry. We joined forces to create an elegant UI and a high-end customer experience with a seamless migration over to the new platform.
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Iconography takes a major role when it comes to supporting their navigation and educating customers on ingredients and benefits. We took a classic approach with a sketch-like look and just enough detail to keep things clean, fresh, and natural.
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Product Prowess
The previous site struggled to display information on their product detail pages in a way that was easy to take in. The new UX takes an uncluttered approach to identify, explain, educate, and promote.
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Flavor on Repeat
One of our key goals was for their monthly subscriptions to take a front-row seat. We integrated Recharge for recurring billing that works just as smoothly on mobile as it does when you're on the ol' desktop.
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Dylan Ebbers - Olive Oil Lovers
An incredible job giving us the look & feel we always wanted.It was an absolute treat to see you nail every detail time after time + each improvised and thoughtful touch. Never had a designer make something this amazing on the first attempt. Well done. Read Full ReviewDylan EbbersSenior Director
Love and Learn
Resources? Yes, yes, and YES. The site balances a swift buying experience with a learning environment that keeps on coming. We harnessed the Shopify blogging engine to fully encompass their articles, customizing it to display anything and everything without a hitch.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Passaic, NJ
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