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Backyard Breaks has rapidly risen to the forefront as the world's largest breaking company, boasting a team of over 25 breakers managing 6 live-stream accounts, delivering continuous breaks around the clock.
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At the intersection between sports, community, and collectables sits Backyard Breaks. Quickly growing out of their old, template site, the fellas at Backyard Breaks wanted a vibe that was as dynamic as their crew, with a clean user experience, making it easy for anyone to join in the fun. We delivered on this, creating an energetic design which gets people pumped to watch streamers, get in on a break, or pick up some merch.
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Pocket Champs
Never miss a stream or a break, on the go, in bed, or even (secretly) at work. Our mobile-friendly design allows all level of hobbyists to get in the game, no matter when or where.
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Active Accents
With a sporty flare, we created an icon set that gives pops of fun throughout the site.
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Live & Lively
Backyard Breaks core is their crew of spirited streamers, here to get the people going! Read bios, find your favorite Breaker and watch them live.
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Ready to get in on the action? There's always a new break happening, and we made it easy to jump in, with slick and easy-to-read design.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Florida
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