Bathing Culture

Ready to get dirty, get wet and get clean? Sure, Bathing Culture’s line of products celebrates the simple necessity of bathing, but it’s also about how it bonds humanity and cultures across time and space. They make organic soap for your mind and body.
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Diving In
When approaching Bathing Culture’s redesign, our vision was to walk the line between the clean and the quirky. We utilized their fun branding and light-hearted imagery to make a site with a brand-forward approach that’s not just about what they sell. It naturally exudes who they are. (And by the way, these guys are sweet, thoughtful, rad dudes!)
Bathing Culture Homepage
Big and small and clean all over.
Bathing Culture enjoys a cult following, and it just so happens that the majority of their devotees visit their site on their dirty little mobile devices. We designed the interface to be bold and joyful with large elements for nice and tidy experience that converts finger-smudges into sales conversions. They also boast recurring subscription orders with the Recharge Shopify app.
Bathing Culture Mobile
We worked with them to totally rethink the buy flow via ultra-informative layouts without getting too busy. With the implementation of custom metafields, they can manage all of the supporting content on their product pages. Their ever-mindful ingredients are front and center, ongoing subscriptions are encouraged, and their raving reviews tie it all together.
Bathing Culture Products
Soak it in
Bathing Culture is so much more than a soap company, creating a culture of self care and respect for nature. Their story and mission set them apart and we’re glad we had a chance to help them with the next chapter. (And sample all their soap and scrubs!!!)
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