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bkr water bottles are an environmentally friendly way to take part in cutting down on the world’s disposable plastic bottle habit, and they're a beautiful way to do it. Designed in San Francisco, these unique bottles disrupted the health and beauty industries, gaining a passionate following among celebrities, beauty editors and fashion insiders.
Built on Shopify Plus
The Challenge
Relying on a previous custom ecommerce solution that was costly and lacking modern features, bkr was in search of a Shopify Plus Solutions Partner in the SF Bay Area to completely redesign the site and migrate everything over to Shopify’s enterprise-level platform. We were excited to work with the brand to rethink the overall user experience and help streamline their complex back-office operations.
bkr Homepage
Coded with Class
First-class as a matter of fact. As always, keeping things in step with the latest SEO standards was paramount, and mobile optimization was critical being that the majority of their customers are converting on mobile devices.
Bkr Product Pages
Bottles of Beauty
bkr’s clean, elegant, and minimalistic aesthetic needed to remain consistent across the new site, with nothing to get in the way of their visually-stunning products. Black and white, to the point, and quick to convert. Let's drink to that.
Bkr Bottles
Mass Hydration
Oops, we meant mass migration, folks. And when we say mass, we mean massive in a massively massive way. A substantial part of the scope was to successfully migrate them over to their shiny new Plus setup. Customers, orders, products, data mapping, variants, wholesale tiers, and a whole boatload more had to integrate into their new systems. It was no small feat considering the ultra-custom nature of their old site's legacy ecommerce system. Fortunately, we came up on the other end with a nice cool bottle of bkr'd water in our hands. Yes, it tasted good; really, really good. (I think we just coined the term "bkr'd" too, so we're happy about that.)
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in San Francisco, CA
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