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Mountain Feed & Farm Supply

Mountain Feed and Farm Supply is an awesome gift shop, homestead supply, housewares store and nursery tucked into a small town in California's Santa Cruz Mountains. They carry everything you need for homesteading including growing your own food, harvesting, preserving, cooking and more.
Built on Shopify
So, What Did We Do Exactly?
We designed and developed a fully responsive ecommerce site to help these local favorites reach the masses. The site is jam packed (no pun intended—seriously, it just happened) with the best learning resources around, and it's all 100% powered by a fully customized Shopify platform.
Mountain Feed Homepage
Classic Illustrations
We incorporated timeless, rustic illustrations to help set the tone for their brand.
Mountain Feed Illustrations
The Big Picture
For Mountain Feed, education and learning resources were of the highest importance. We heavily cutomized Shopify’s native blogging platform to create a robust “Learn” section that’s essentially five blogs in one. It features how-to videos, in-depth recipes, events, classes, listings, plus a journal. We harnessed the customized blog architecture to seamlessly integrate related articles and products throughout the browsing experience. It's a cross-pollinating thing of beauty.
Mountain Feed Interior Pages
Andi Mountain Feed
“Our customer engagement has grown by leaps and bounds.”Super hands-on throughout the entire process, they shielded us from all the technical details and never once made us feel like we were competing for their attention. They even took the courtesy of using different shots of Tom Selleck as placeholders for our staff photos in the design mockups, and mine had a nice patch of chest hair peeking out. Yep, they're the best! AndiCo-Owner @ Mountain Feed and Farm Supply
100% Mobile Responsive
When we say responsive, we mean an adaptive user-experience across all modern devices, from check-in to check-out. The Mountain Feed digital ecosystem will continue to evolve to meet their customer’s unique lifestyles. The mobile-optimized site is a critical piece for local and national customers alike.
Mountain Feed Mobile
Yeah, There's More...