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Vogmask is the original designer mask, and their beautiful products are comfortable and reusable. They're healthy for their faithful customers and good for the planet. Imitators offer nowhere near the quality and care they’ve put into their groundbreaking products.
Built on Shopify Plus
So, What Did We Do Exactly?
A client of ours since their inception, we knew success was imminent the day they brought their prototypes to our office. With an always awesome team on their side, we collaborated with Vogmask on a new site that showcases the brand in the way it deserves. With super custom illustrations, subtle animation, and a perfected user-experience, the result is nothing short of breath taking.
Vogmask - Homepage
Leaving Competitors in the Dust
It’s nearly impossible to create a site worthy of a strong brand out of a pre-fab template. Vogmask didn’t have to bend into a site that was built to be a one-size-fits-all shop. Their Shopify-based site was entirely reimagined from the ground up with custom functionality and a look and feel like no other. Customers don’t have to dig into the site to purchase. They can add the product of their choice to the cart directly from the home page.
Vogmask - Shop Pages
A Breath of Fresh Icons
With colorful products and thoughtful designs, trendy line-icons just wouldn’t do. We put our heads together to conceptualize and execute illustrated icons that match Vogmask’s aesthetic. They’re visual cues that communicate the benefits and uses for the product and enable customers to learn more immediately. You won’t find these bad boys on a stock icons site, take our word on that.
Vogmask Icons
Product Page Prowess
With a product that’s simple and effective, we made sure we followed that pattern with product detail pages that are streamlined for quick sales conversions. Once a product’s added to the cart, it gracefully appears as an overlay that keeps customers on the page so they can pack their order with more masks that strike their fancy.
Vogmask Product Page
Vogmask Testimonial Headshot
“Our experience has been superb.”The team at Sleepless is most expert at all things Shopify. They designed our site, helped us promptly on every new request, helped us organize inventory, helped our international distributors set up regional Shopify Plus clone sites, and importantly are knowledgeable and fun.
Marc BrownFounder and Partner @ Vogmask
Mighty on Mobile
Want a stylish mask to keep you covered on your next flight? Order one of these babies on sky-high wi-fi straight from your phone. Don’t want to pause your game of Angry Birds? No problem, it works seamlessly on tablets as well.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in San Francisco, CA
Vogmask - Mobile Devices
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