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Howlin' is THE place to go for Nashville-style fried chicken in LA. They're pretty busy... like lines out the door and around the block busy. Mmmmmm.
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Hot, Hot, Home
Howlin’ Rays had a problem. The demand for their crispy fried goodness was too high. Sounds like a good problem to have, but preordering for large groups and their ability to properly take, fill and deliver on those orders was a logistical challenge better left alone. That of course, is where we came in.
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Custom Private App
One of Howlin's biggest goals was a way for people, parties, or companies to order ahead of time. After some unsuccessful attempts with other agencies, they trusted us to take the project on, get it done, and get it done right. We scrapped what they had already started and developed an ultra custom restaurant preorder system right inside Shopify tied in with a few juicy little nuggets of Wordpress. It’s essentially a private Shopify app that was built to exacting specs. You won’t find this in the App Store.
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Hot and Handy
With a mobile-first UX, even the snobbiest Yelper in LA can roll through an order before you can say avocado toast.
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