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Having designed the very first smokeless fire pit back in 2011, Breeo is a true pioneer on the trail of firepit technology. They're on an everlasting quest to create the ultimate campfire experience.
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Life on Fire
Armed with a brand refresh, Breeo asked us to craft a site that matched the intensity of their new found identity. We cooked something up that was simultaneously cleaner and grittier all in one undeniably awesome package.
Breeo - Homepage
Fire Pit Builder
Always on a mission to make sure everyone gets the fire pit that's perfect for their backyard, we worked with the Breeo team to design and a develop a custom bundle builder buyflow. User's are able to preview different materials, sizes and accessories, customizing until they've created their ideal fire pit.
Breeo - Fire Pit Builder
Flame & Function
Breeo's products are beautifully designed with precision, but how their products work is just as important, if not more so. We had the same mindset with the website—it beautifully supports the brand with a sleek look and feel, but tucked beneath the gloss is a high-converting workhorse. The buy flow is designed to guide, inform, and purchase without a hitch. It's simple, intuitive, and hard to look away.
Breeo - Interiors
One of Breeo's great strengths is their product's industrial design, and we wanted to pay homage. We drafted sleek product illustrations to give their site's navigation some extra spark.
Breeo Ilustrations
“Their work isn’t just pretty; they have the buttons in the right place to increase conversions.” Read full reviewJonathan MillerCo founder @ Breeo, LLC
Breeo On The Go
Breeo's core customers are of the outdoor-loving variety, and you aren't exactly busting a laptop out with your heals in the dirt, (well, maybe if you're on quarantine? That's how we roll...) so the mobile design needed to sing a little Kumbaya when it's basking in the glory of a smokeless firepit experience. Mobile-first? We design both mobile and desktop in tandem so screens of all sizes can rock out in the pow wow til mornin'.
Breeo - Mobile Devices
Crushing Annual Revenue Targets
Our role in ensuring Breeo’s new website was a masterful vehicle of growth shouldn’t be understated. We were able to harness their fresh rebrand with a UX that is second-to-none in their industry. We also introduced them to our trusted marketing partner to drive their marketing efforts into an entirely new stratosphere. It comes down to the right site, the right players, and the right timing.
Conversion Rate Increase
Orders Placed Through Their Custom Builders
Revenue Increase
Website Traffic Increase
Conversion Rates Increased 176% Conversion Rates Increased 176%
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