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Co-developed with leading physicians who integrate their products into their clinical care, Infiniwell isn't just another line of supplements, they offer breakthrough aging research applied in real time.
Built on Shopify Plus
Breaking Through
Infiniwell's current website was accommodating their expansion, but was hindered by a generic theme that didn't effectively showcase the benefits, ingredients, and research validating the efficacy of their products. They approached us to create a bespoke Shopify Plus website tailored to bolster their upcoming aggressive marketing initiatives.
Infiniwell - Homepage
Supplemental Icons
Visual communication with emotional appeal enhances Infiniwell's branding and allows text-heavy content to breathe.
Infiniwell - Icons
Trimming the Fluff
For quicker loading times, the UX adheres to a minimal, lightweight, and accessible page structure. The mobile experience prioritizes a streamlined buying process that effectively utilizes upselling opportunities to boost Average Order Value (AOV), satisfying impulse buyers with a seamless start-to-finish journey.
InfiniWell - Mobile
Supercharging Subscriptions
With subscriptions of utmost importance, the PDP redesign has significantly boosted their recurring revenue through a streamlined, effective approach to conversion. Supporting content is at the fingertips while staying out of it's own way with a short, sweet, and user-optimized approach.
Infiniwell - Product Page
Key Ingredients
To bolster Infiniwell's expansion efforts, we devised a versatile marketing landing page system aimed at effortless scalability to accommodate extensive information dissemination and targeted paid search initiatives. This has played a pivotal role in their product launches and collection introductions, significantly accelerating their growth within the supplements sector.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Dallas, TX
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