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For Spike, home brewing is about spending time with family and friends. It’s the feeling you get when you take that first sip after a long day at work. It’s about perfecting your craft. It’s a way to escape from the world.
Built on Shopify
The Mission
Spike Brewing's equipment is second-to-none but their previous site suffered from an unwieldy UX and lengthy pages without concise content matter. To say we underwent a reinvention would be putting it lightly. Already on the Shopify platform we were able to make a seamless transition that's become a perfect vehicle to their new marketing directives.
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Building Conversions
We built out some ultra-custom builders and quizzes to guide Spike's visitors through choosing their perfect setup. With so many complicated components, making the right decisions is a looming proposition. Now their customers get the right solution faster and Spike's customer service load is lightened up with less hand-holding.
Spike Brewing - Product Quiz
On Tap.
With the majority of their buyers on mobile, the phone experience takes advantage of white space and vertical orientation in a way that speaks sweet little nothings into your eye sockets. Whether you're a first-time visitor, or already on the hunt to purchase—the Spike site makes it easy.
Spike Brewing - Mobile
Something Brewing
Spike's catalog is beefy, the UX offers sorting capabilities and an easy search feature to narrow down the variables on the product listing pages. The product detail pages offer a large amount of information without overwhelming the buying experience.
Spike Brewing - Products
Icon Set
There was a lot of room for crisp iconography to make the site more engaging and less reliant on text or pictures. The end result is 37 line-style icons that were custom crafted by yours truly.
Spike Brewing - Icons
Very hands-on, and their combination of team members is exceptional.They handle everything with an elevated sense of professionalism and creativity. They push the boundaries of what's possible and if they don't know the answer to something, they'll find out for you. Everything from their designs to their communication and support efforts is impressive. They have not only met our expectations, but they have exceeded them. We continue to partner with Sleepless Media because we also want to exceed expectations for our customers.
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Taylor P.Content Project Manager
Before & After
Spike Brewing - Before & After
Brand-forward Education and Community
One of the main project goals was to make the site about much more than just shopping. A lot of extra attention was put forth on the brand, their community, and educating everyone and their mother on all things brewing.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Milwaukee, WI
Spike Brewing - Interiors
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