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Using cutting-edge marketing technology, Etumos Marketing's data-driven approach gives their clients the information they need to build highly engaging, successful campaigns.
Built on Wordpress
Friendly Facts. Fancy Figures.
More than just a boring, dull, and dry marketing agency, Etumos’s look and feel has a warm and engaging personality interspersed with statistical prowess. Their previous site struggled to grow with, and accurately represent their brand. So, we got to work! An updated color scheme, ultra-clean layouts, and whimsical animations—we collaborated with Etumos to revitalize their branding with an inviting, effective, and informative site.
Etumos Marketing - Homepage
Transformational. Informational.
As thought-leaders in their field, you better believe Etumos has a lot to say about their services, products, and everything marketing. Driven by an array of flexible templates, the flow of the UX can be easily molded and harnessed as their company evolves.
Etumos Marketing - Interiors
Engagement on the Small Screen
We kept mobile top-of-mind throughout the entire design and development process, ensuring everything was slick, enticing, and clear no matter what.
Etumos Marketing - Mobile
An Illustrative Workout
The Etumos team knew they didn't want to rely on overused, boring, stiff stock photography. We knew a vibrant set of illustrations would be critical in delivering the right message to the right clientele. The colorful scheme and hand-drawn feel enhances their brand and promote them as an experienced yet down-to-earth marketing agency that partners with their clients.
Etumos Marketing - Illustrations
To seal the deal, we scratched out a colorful icon set to accompany the website's illustrative vibe. These could be used at a smaller scale and in more places across the site, highlighting their key marketing services, products, and wealth of information.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Seattle, WA
Etumos Marketing - Icons
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