A leading innovator in the oral and orthodontic care market, EverSmile was founded to make it easy for all clear aligner patients to achieve fresh breath and healthy, bright white teeth during their aligner treatment. It's the only wearable aligner cleaner on the market—now that's something to smile about.
Built on Shopify Plus
Aligned for a Redesign
With products available worldwide, EverSmile's steady growth called for a website overhaul that would better support their branding and give both their B2C and B2B customers a flawless buying experience. They hired our team to fully redesign their Shopify site while streamlining their back-office operations with a switch to the Zoho CRM platform.
A Clean Journey
The design allows for effortless navigation from every edge of the site with a minimized sitemap and clear hierarchy. The less a user has to dig through, the more sales conversions, it's that simple.
Doctor's Portal
While EverSmile's products are carried by huge retail players like Walmart and CVS, their B2B relationship direct with doctors is critical. We also implemented a custom buy-flow for the Recharge Shopify app to allow for recurring subscriptions.
Fresh, Illustrated.
With sights set on a clean and fun tone, we approached the illustration work with a light color palette that both supports and elevates their branding. You won't see EverSmile's custom iconography on your mother's ortho site, that is guaranteed.
Syndney at Eversmile
“The design side of everything they did was beautiful.”Read full reviewSidney Eubanks CTO @ EverSmile, Inc.
Aesthetically Youthful
The site's deceptively large but the fun, youthful vibe and natural flow sit right in the sweet spot for both their millennial and older demographics.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Los Angeles, CA
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