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Teebag's a t-shirt subscription site that delivers new shirts to your door, and they do it right. Great designs, impeccable customer service, and spot-on branding have helped to make them an immediate success.
Built on Shopify
Teeing Off
We built the brand from scratch, kicking things off with the logo. It would have been easy to toss a t-shirt icon next to a trendy typeface, but we don’t do easy, and Teebag needed an identity that wasn’t going to get lost in the crowd. We created a lot of great options, but found the sweet spot with a playful-yet-mature hand drawn script, complimented by a unisex color scheme.
Teebag Branding
Sign Me Up
Along with the colorful new logo and brand, we built an engaging website, incorporating rad custom messaging and lively graphics, that gets people excited to sign up and start receiving their fun, new shirts.
Teebag Homepage
The Perfect Fit
We developed a site that reduces down, without losing any of its charm or ease of use.
Teebag Mobile Devices
In the Bag
We created a charming quiz walkthrough that leads the customer through their interests and general info, so they get just the right shirts for them.
Teebag - Package Builder
We made ‘em, and we made ‘em right, designing an icon set that's playfully clean.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Malibu, California
Teebag Icons
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