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A sister company to the luxury jewelry brand, Melanie Casey, Farewell was born out their desire to bring upscale design to everyone. Unique layouts. Impeccable craftsmanship. Admiral beauty. It's all within arm's reach with their curated pieces.
Built on Shopify
Delicate in the Details
Farewell approached us to help them launch an entirely new website for their entirely new brand from scratch. It had been a minute or three since we'd designed a jewelry site so we were excited to throw our hat in the... earring. (Sorry, yeah, we just had to...) Already having great success on the Shopify Plus platform with Melanie Casey, getting Farewell up and running on Shopify was an easy choice.
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Good things. Small Packages.
Through each step of the process, optimizing for mobile was always top of mind. Whether it's desktop, phone or tablet, the custom filtering system we built for them is smooth and effortless to use. The majority of their customers browse and buy on mobile devices, so focusing on the finer details of their experience was vital.
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Chic Shopping
It's easy to make the same old product detail page again and again. Sure, that's a part of the reason we don't, but more importantly, we design for the best shopping experience we can based on the kind of products offered, the photography assets, details, and overall context. In Farewell's case, this meant a 4-photo grid that eliminates the need for extra clicks to see additional photos with minimalistic accordion drop-downs with any pertinent information. Worked like a charm.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Boston, MA
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