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GM Quartz

With over 40 years specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of all things quartz, GM needed a fresh, modern face to further cement them as the leader in their field for years to come.
Built on Shopify
Name Refresh
We had the opportunity to refresh GM's entire brand top to bottom—naming, website, signage, photography, print collateral, etc. Formerly known as GM Associates, our initial workshops uncovered the possibility of refining their name as it was feeling a bit too stuffy and vague. We encouraged simplifying it to GM Quartz as the clear choice. Straightforward and to the point, it references their original name to avoid confusing existing customers, while making it obvious that they are quartz manufacturers.

Much of GM's work is used as a component in high-tech products and our goal was to redesign their visual identity to better speak to those clients. Honing in on a 3D-inspired monogram, we developed a brand that is clean, fresh, and can represent their company for the next 40 years.
Website Redesign
Bringing GM into the modern age was at the forefront when designing their new site. We migrated them from an archaic e-commerce setup to a decked-out Shopify implementation. The homepage was designed to reinforce their new branding, give customers a clear overview of what services they offer, and encourage more online sales in an industry where it’s not the norm.
GM Quartz - Homepage
Custom Quotes
Another important component of GM's site was to provide ways to both sell their products and get quotes for custom work. Naturally, we nailed it...
GM Quartz - Product Pages
Mighty on Mobile
Even though the B2B nature of GM’s business means they mainly cater to desktop users, more and more customers in the space will be using mobile devices in the future. Whether it’s in a year, or four, GM’s new site is ready and optimized for mobile across the board.
GM Quartz - Mobile
A super simple icon set was developed to represent each product category.
GM Quartz - Icons
Custom Photos
A fresh site called for fresh new photography. GM has a huge campus, with many departments, and a wide variety of machinery. We drove up to their Oakland facility to capture the range of work they do, and shoot current photos of the good folks who are at the heart of the company.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Oakland, CA
GM Quartz - Photography
Yeah, there's more...