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One of the largest tea companies in North America, Traditional Medicinals has always been a company rooted in purpose. Working closely with their partners, suppliers, and sourcing communities, they aim to create a positive impact on the world. Their values and approach to business has garnered a loyal customer base that believes in their mission.
Built on Shopify Plus
Hitting Home
Based in the North SF Bay Area, Traditional Medicinals approached us to help them better target their DTC market to grow their online sales while creating a resource-rich web presence that drives their values home. We migrated them from a proprietary shopping cart system wrought with restraints over to a slick new Shopify Plus site that we redesigned from the soil up.
Traditional Medicinals - Homepage
Organic Iconography
The custom iconography we created for the TM site has proven critical in supporting their navigation and educating customers on ingredients and benefits. We took a classic approach with a playful-yet-modern look boasting just enough detail to keep things clean, fresh, and natural.
Traditional Medicinals - Icons
Shopping for the Masses
The previous site struggled to fit all of their informative content into their product detail pages without getting in the way and bloating the pages. The new UX follows tried and true standards that are both high-converting and educational for those looking to dig deeper on details.
Traditional Medicinals - Shop
Mobile-First Optimization
Since their demographic is one of modern, health-conscience people, another important feature of TM's site was its ability to work flexibly and cleanly on any device. With each step of the process, we carefully considered the ramifications of any decision we made for the mobile experience. The percentage of checkout conversions on mobile has increased drastically since launch and will undoubtedly continue to improve.
Traditional Medicinals - Mobile
Rich in Resources
This isn't just an ecommerce site, it's a critical hub for their brand. Their "Learn" section is a multi-faceted section chalk with resources, journals, plant libraries, expert profiles, recipes, and more. Their "Purpose" section is dedicated to underscoring their mission, their environmental impact, and telling their story.
Traditional Medicinals - Learn
Personalized Product Concierge
We built out an ultra-custom product questionnaire that guides customers through an easy-to-use interface that recommends the right teas to address what ails them. This has increased the site's AOV (average order value) and is obviously a helpful tool for customers that need a helping hand to choose.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Sebastopol, CA
Traditional Medicinals - Product Concierge
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