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JSDL’s focus is on your good night’s sleep and better days that can come from the all-night relief and protection.
Previously their branding was disjointed, stilted, and dated, not meshing with JS's energetic, affable vibe. With a personality of friendly reliability, and being there for their customers, it was definitely time to update. Open, welcoming type and colors that are easy on the eyes, their new look adds a quality appeal to their highly effective products.
JS Dental Lab - Logo and Branding
Homepage Plus
Built on Shopify Plus, JS Dental recruited our team to create a redesigned look and feel that aligns with the effectiveness of their products and supports their values. The result is an entirely fresh look that ensures their brand is a trusted source.
JS Dental - Homepage
Biting Down
We illustrated some thoughtful icons to expand upon their new branding and communicate the products features and effectiveness.
JS Dental Lab - Icons
Seizing Opportunities
Whether it's press or customer reviews, part of JS Dental's strategy is to support the value of its products with real-world reviews. The homepage boasts their write-ups in a variety of trusted outlets while their five star reviews are featured prominently on the product detail pages.
JS Dental - Mobile
The Buy Flow
JS Dental had some unique requirements that needed to be addressed in their buy flow, which was important to get right across all devices. Upon selecting a product's initial variants, they're provided with upsell opportunities immediately.
JS Dental - Product Detail Page
We built a custom quiz that walks the customer through multiple questions and then presents the right product for them. Icons are used throughout that act as a visual backbone to each response.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Hayward, CA
JS Dental - Quiz
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