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After testing every water filter on the market, they discovered no one else was doing enough to protect our health. Clearly Filtered set out on a mission to do it right, ultimately creating the only technology that can target and remove a full spectrum of tap water contaminants. Their products filter water that is truly clean and safe.
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Bottoms Up.
Impressed by their products and the passion they have for them, we partnered with Clearly Filtered to help propel and champion their message to the masses. Their existing site helped them establish a loyal following, but unlike their products, it wasn’t designed to deliver the kind of results they rightfully deserve. Starting from scratch, we re-engineered their UX from the ground up, redesigning every page with explicit intent.
Clearly Filtered Homepage
Recurring Results
The product pages are in-depth yet concise and informative without being text-heavy. No matter where the user is on the page they have the opportunity to add products to the cart via a floating buy button that's pinned to the top of the page. We also designed a custom buy flow, harnessing the Shopify Recharge app for recurring filter subscriptions.
Clearly Filtered - Product Page
What's In Your Water
Having useful and detailed information at their customer's fingertips was incredibly important to the Clearly Filtered team. So, partnering with the EPA and tapping into the power of their contaminant database, made perfect sense. We worked with their sophisticated API to create a custom interface, that allowed users to take a deep-dive into their local water system and see how Clearly Filter removes what others don't
Clearly Filtered - What's in Your Water
Fully Fluid.
Mobile is always a challenge with the depth of features a site like this carries. We never compromised when it came to the form and function of the mobile or tablet layouts.
Clearly Filtered - Mobile
Quality Product, Quality Data
Want to know even more about Clearly's products? They've got you covered! Together we created a robust, yet easy to update, index of each product's details and what nasty elements they remove from your water.
Clearly Filtered - Lab Test Results
Clean and approachable, we created an icon set that always compliments their copy and imagery in an elegant way.
Clearly Filtered - Icons
Loving the clean approach we took to the design of their website, Clearly tasked us with bringing that to their customer-facing packaging, as well.
Clearly Filtered - Packaging
“The overhauled website helped contribute to an overall sales increase of nearly 70%.”The results exceeded expectations and pleased customers and owners alike with its streamlined UI/UX. You never have to deal with the over-promise, under-deliver aspect that you often find with outsourcing agencies. Sleepless Media was highly professional, working hard, and communicating well throughout the project. Read full reviewRyanDirector of Marketing @ Clearly Filtered
Rich With Technology
Understanding how a filter works and deciphering the technical details thereof could be overwhelming for some. To help with this we opted for crisp imagery, sleek charts, and easy-to-read tables that provide a wealth of data and insight without getting in the way. This is all fully editable in the Shopify backend via the page customizer and product metafields.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Southern California
Clearly Filtered - Interiors
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