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With decades of experience in the brick and mortar retail space, these luxury grill specialists were ready to take their outdoor living knowledge to the national stage. They are now one of the top online destinations for grills, barbecues, smokers, outdoor kitchens, and more.
Built on Shopify
All Fired Up.
Grillscapes reached out to us to establish their brand and build out their dream in order to enter the market in the most effective way possible. We created their name, brand identity, and a super custom Shopify site that’s fast, tasty, hot, and well done.
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Named and Branded
When they approached us, they didn’t have a proper name or logo. We took a deep dive into the depths of finding the right name in a sea of names that were already taken by everyone and their mother. Fortunately, “Grillscapes” fell right out of the sky into our hot little hands. It doesn’t just say they sell grills, but the elements of the backyard landscapes that we all love. The logo and visual branding was quick to follow.
Grillscapes Print
If you hop around to the big e-commerce sites in the grilling space, you’ll find there isn’t much in the way of distinction. We separated their design with illustrations that can’t be missed.
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Under the Hood
The barbecue world offers products that are ripe with options and specs. We had to implement a fully custom multi variant system so they could provide the right buying experience to their customers. Without going into details, it’s a data heavy system of wonder.
Grillscapes Interiors
Giant Catalog
There’s no reason to go anywhere else—everything you need is at the tip of your beefy little thumbs.
Launch ProjectpinBased in Dublin, CA
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